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please stand by hey folks!we're back! that's right, friday DNN is back with vengeance,so run out and tell everybody,cause thing...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

what goes around

hey it's friday!!!!
that's right folks,we're back online and back on point after being side tracked
by a nasty little bug (ah-chewww!!).being away for a few weeks made us realize how much we enjoy entertaining,and informing you guys and well,(sniff!,sniff!)we missed you mannnn!!!(and ladies too!!!)
now let's set it off around here DNN style shall we.

from Penn State,to the State pen.  

the good book says something like, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, jerry sandusky,
i hear that the soap there is mighty slippery,but of course you're familiar with group showering,so a...
have fun with that!

anyways,we're off to the next episode,so until next Friday,i say...PEACE!!!!

Friday, June 8, 2012


hey,folks!guess what!!?
it's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!
yep,soon it will be time to have that drink that's sitting in the frig for a job well done.lol.

every since the "political" same sex marriage debate became popular,comic book companies are racing to to put out gay characters just to try an cash in,i just think that--wait a minute we have some breaking news!hmmmmm.

well it seems that Mickey Mouse has just released a statement saying he's had a secret affair with Bugs Bunny throughout the 1940's,damn!that high voice of his should have gave us a clue.Bugs Bunny could not be reached for comment,but as always,you can count on DNN to bring you up to date coverage on this shocking revelation. 

so until next friday,we say,PEACE!  

Friday, June 1, 2012



hello there good people!
and welcome to friday!!!!!!!!!
that's right it's the first of the month  and i just got paid,so you know what means,should i pay my rent or blow it all on cheap women and alcohol,hmmmm,decisions,decisions.but seriously folks we here at DNN would like to hear from you,is that chi-a- pet on Donald Trump's head  affecting his brain,or is he just a playa hater?
call us on our hotline at 1-800-4DZNUTZ.
as always,
until next friday,i say PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!