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please stand by hey folks!we're back! that's right, friday DNN is back with vengeance,so run out and tell everybody,cause thing...

Friday, June 28, 2013

welcome to the south...again

well, hello there good people!!!it's Friday!!!!!
that's right,and what could possibly be better than a Friday you ask?(wait for it.) a pay day Friday of course! (yay,for minimum wage!) 
so with little change in our pockets, we would like to welcome you all to the weekend!

anyways,the talk around here is about high fat,cholesterol cooking racists Paula Deen .

after admitting that she uses the N-word in a deposition,and starting to worry about her cooking empire crumbling Paula sets out to do some damage control.

she's made videos apologizing ,she's made appearances on morning talk shows apologizing,she has even  showed us her black friend by telling him to bring his black monkey ass out on stage so that the world could see just how black he really was.  

yep,we are surprise that so many people haven't forgiven this sweet little lady and her alcoholic,strip club simpimg brother"bubba" for discrimination.after all, we got it all wrong,they are not racist,they just dream of having a plantation style wedding,ya know with little nigglets in bow ties.SMH.(were's Django when you need him..lol)

  anyway, that's it for now,and like always we'll see you on the other side,so from all of use here at DNN,we say peace!!!!!!!!!


Friday, June 21, 2013

baby yeezy

well, what do you know,it's Friday!yippeeee!!!

that's right it's the first day of summer,and you know what that means,it's time to sip on lemonade and then later take a dip in the old swimming hole,ahhh!!!!the good life..lol

ya know folks we here at DNN  take pride and bringing you the top news story every week or so,and although other news outlets are talking about Syria, the NSA and other (boring) world events, we know just what you guys want to see.....that's right,BABIES!!!yes, we are the first to bring you exclusive pics of celebrity babies and it didn't cost us a dime,let see if  CNN or the Associated press can do that.huh?!  

anyways,please enjoy this episode and rest a sure knowing that therer's alot more were this comes from(wait, what?).lol

that's it for now,the weekend is calling ,so we'll see you all on the other side,
from all of us here at DNN, we say peace!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

eating healthy

hey folks it's,it's,IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

and if you're reading this,i'd say that you're off to a good start!

what better way to start your weekend than spending some time with an old reliable friend,huh?

 yep, DNN is sort of like Lassie or Rin tin tin;we entertain and make a wonderful companion,but get us mad and we'll bite the hell outcha..lol

but serious folks,the talk around here is Michael Douglas  and his statements about his throat cancer and how  he may have gotten it..i don't know about you but just the thought of this old pops chowing down on  a Big Mack  gives me the creeps.

anyways,once again we would like to praise Chuck Johnson for his professionalism on bringing you this some what unsettling story.with poise and grace he fought back emotions...yes emotions of a 15 year old who would of laughed and  have said,"well, you are what you eat".ha!ha!
the morale of this story is,Chuck Johnson's like a boss,and don't you ever forget it.

that's it for now,we'll  see you good folks on the other side,so from all of  us here at DNN, we say