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please stand by hey folks!we're back! that's right, friday DNN is back with vengeance,so run out and tell everybody,cause thing...

Friday, December 28, 2012

A NewYear

well folks it's Friday!!!!!!!!!!
and if you're reading this blog,that means  you survived most of 2012 in one piece
yep,we've survived the elections,super storms, the end of the world and Tyler Perry movies,damn we've be through alot this year.anyway,we at DNN would like to thank all of you who drop in to check out our news cast every week .(or so.) 

our first episode aired in January 2012 and we've been having a blast ever since.a long the way we've covered the stories that made you laugh and cry (mostly cry.)cause that's just what an award winning news team does, plus it's good for the ratings.   
so as we stare down a new year we'll  continue to bring you the "funk", besides

we feel close to you, our  viewers,like family in fact  so from Chuck"chucky" Johnson,Tina Marie Butterfield,Bary Huggs,and the whole DNN  crew,we say Happy NewYear!!!!!!!!
                                                                                                                (and can we borrow five dollars?)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

going up in smoke

hey folks! it's uh,(gulp)the weekend!hee!hee!
yep we're a day late and a dollar short as they say,but we are here,and that's all the really matters right?
think of us like the U.S.Postal service,oh we'll get it there,but not always when you need it,and yeah we some times  are pack'n.lol
anyways we're coming down the home stretch,with just two episodes to go until the NewYears so hold on tight cause it might be a bumpy ride,with the world ending and all.oh well, at least i'll have a good excuse for missing my dead line,huh?but seriously, i'm sure that the good folks here at DNN will be up on their game,bring you the best news and entertainment that  the web has to offer.so until  next errrrrrrrrrrrrr ,ah hell forget it!

we say peace!!!!!!!!  

Friday, November 30, 2012

mistaken identity

say folks,it's Friday!!!!
that's right it's the last friday of the month and DNN is still pumping out the funny...well maybe not knee slappers but mild chuckles for damn sure.right?c'mon son,ya gotta give us that!

anyways the Elmo scandal has seem to affect a member of our news team,Bary Huggs the popular weather man has ran into a few people on the streets who mistaken him for the once beloved sesame street puppet.
Bary had this to say"i don't tickle boys,i tickle their mothers."    

and with that,we're off to the next episode,see ya there.

so from all of us here at DNN we say peace!!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

happy black friday

well hello there folks!
and if you haven't figured it out by now,it's Friday!!!!!
but not just any friday,oh no!no!noooo!it's Black Friday!,or in political correct terms, African American Friday.but seriously folks the madness is under way,as people push,claw and scratch to get there hands on  computers,clothes,and elmo dolls-er,maybe not elmo,he's been caught tickling  way too much of late,but you get the picture.so get out there, walk the mall and burn some of that thanksgiving dinner off. just be safe,. remember shop til you drop is just an expression,there's no need to take that !#@$% literally.

so until next friady we at DNN say peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

the world ends

well hello there folks!
can you guys guess what today is!?
huh?you said Friday!?well you are correct!!!!!YAAAAYYY!!!

well it's been a pretty busy time for the guys here at DNN of late,from crazy elections to sex scandals,we're like a fat kid in a bakery,damnit! we just don't know where to start.

congratulations to Barak Obama on his re-election,but most importantly, for given us all the joy of watching Bill  O'reilly and the rest of the gang at fox news faces crack like a cheap mirror.ahhh!,those memories will last a life time... 
anyways there's no time  for long chitter chatter,there's breaking news every where and no one can give it to ya like we can,right? so set back and relax and let us do our thing baby!

as always until next Friday we say peace!!   

Saturday, October 27, 2012

trick or votes

well,hello there folks!
guess what today is!?it's FRIDA....er Saturday!!
yep, it's a special Saturday Halloween edition of DA'NEWS!

well it's that time of the year for spooky creatures, zombies,and ghosts...that's right the presidential election is close at hand ,oh yeah and Hallween is this week also.according to a recent poll, experts say this will be a really,really,tight race as some people are even voting on their death beds,(now that's dedication for yo' ass!)

 so make sure that you get your moma,your dog,and the neighbor who's about to kick the bucket any day now,and get out there and vote!as for me i'm moving to Canada.HA!HA!HA!(nah just kidding Canada sucks.)

that's it for now,until next friday....or saturday....or...or...uhhhhh......
we say peace!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

the cover up.

well, what do you know folks!?
it's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!
the weekend is so close that i can smell it,oh wait that's just me(haven't  showered yet.)oops,my bad.

with the great Fall Weather that we are having, alot of people are getting out and taking their dogs to the park

speaking of dogs it seems that mike vick was caught slipp'n when  he tweeted a pic that showed his daughter at  the table and noisy people examining the background noticed a box of doggy treats. hmmmmmmm,something don't add up,either there's a k9 around or his family have some strange eating habits,either way it's probably best to keep it on the low. since being removed from the registered pet afinders list a few months ago peda has be watching him like a hawk...or an eagle,get!HA!!

anyways, that's it's for now,you crazy kids go out and enjoy the day....
until next friday we here at DNN say peace!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

an offer you can't refuse

that's right folks, it's friday,and DNN is ready to do this @#$%ish!!!.
technical difficulties and tight deadlines be damned,you guys had to know that we wouldn't be gone for to long,and now, once again IT IS ON!!!
the presidental debates are under way,and finally the candidates are talking about issues that really means alot to us and our viewers...phones and strippers,what a winning combination. we ask our resident artist jaydubb how he feels about the president's proposal,and he had this to say."while it's not reparations for slavery, it is a good start."--jaydubb.

so there you have it folks,another episode down and plenty to go....so from all of use at DNN network,and until next friday we say PEACE!!!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

we will be right back!

that's right folks the network and the news team that you have come to love will be on hiatus for a couple of weeks,so please don't panic,we will resume on the 28th of September with more of what you came here for,but in the mean while, feel free to take this time to browse through the archives an enjoy some  laughs from the past as we gear up for what will soon be one hell of a run,tell a friend and spread the word,cause you will not want to miss out.

so until then we say,PEACE!!!!

Friday, August 31, 2012

set tripp'in

that's right folks,it's the last friday of the month and  DNN still remains at the top of the news food chain,and  it's lunch time suckas!

well it looks like Tina isn't the only one who's not up on  gang culture,so lucky for her and you viewers at home we have a  gripping interview by Chuck Johnson that will air later this evening.(or not.) chuck...

Gangs!they are associated with the colors that they wear,but tonight we talk to Deshawn Jenkins aka" lil killa," a gang member who is color blind, and how he over came his handicap to be able to do drive-byes on rival crews... so,join us for"Faded Colors",a truly  inspirational story...back to you,announcer guy. 

indeed,sounds like another award winning expose' from Mr.Johnson himself,and with that folks,we'll see ya next friday,so from all of us at DNN we say, PEACE!!!.

Friday, August 24, 2012

a little too curious

well, hello there folks!
i have a question to ask ya,what starts with a" Fri" and ends with a" Daaayyy!?"
yep,it's your favorite day and mine,it's Friday!!!!!!!(applaud)

that's right,and  DNN is still at it like a meth addict.lol
we are more then 20 strips deep and  we haven't lost any teeth yet,but seriously folks,we hope that you are enjoying the ride so far  as we bring you all the exclusive interviews,photos,and videos that our competition only wish they could get.(sorry suckas!)so without any further delay,we are off to cover the next breaking news story,DNN style of course.yeah,i know this is somewhat short and sweet,but hey, news isn't going to cover it's self now is it?lol so until next Friday,i say......PEACE!!! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

kobe's dream team

well,hello folks!
it's that time again,you know the one,
that special day before the weekend,yep,it's,FRIDAAAAAYYYY!!!!!

so take your feet off the petals,cause we're coasting the rest of the way baby!Oh, yeah!).

the Olympics,the Olympics,the Olympics...everyone is watching the games from around the world,with so many events to cover,we at DNN decided to make a bold,and ground breaking move to cover the athletes stories  and events that our viewers have come to know and expect...okay,alright let's face it,watching the Olympics can be boring as hell some times,we've all seen our favorite athlete score on the field,but the after party is were the real game begins.for Kobe"the black mamba"Bryant,he's been here a time or two,let's see if  his past experience helps him in this event...probably not.  

well that's it for now,coming  from London, until next Friday
we say peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, July 27, 2012

from the coaches mouth

psss,hey you!guess what today is?!
yep,it's FRIDAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!

that's right folks, you've made it!and we are glad to come alone for the ride.so like they say in the streets,let's "get it in", shall we?
ya know folks,the DNN network have alot of competition out there,CNN,FOX,THE VIEW,but the technology that we now have is about to change the game -- forever!as you might have notice in this episode,yes we now can stream live from places you thought wasn't possible,even the mighty Oprah doesn't possess this kind of power,  it's just one more weapon in our arsenal to bring  you the information that you demand to know.

and now we're off to cover the next big story  with exclusives that you only can get from us,so until next Friday,we say PEACE!

Friday, July 6, 2012

heated holiday

hi there folks!
well it's Friday!!!..er evening!yeah that's right we are running a little late today,but somewhere in the world we made our deadline right?lol anyway, shouts out to Bary Huggs who stood out in 90 plus degree temperatures this Wednesday to help celebrate independence day.he was a big hit with the kids and parent alike as he kept complaining saying"why i'm i the only black person out here,"and"can a brotha get some lemonade?"later he was treated for a mild case of heat exhaustion, but today is resting and doing just fine.
well that's about it for now,stay tune to the DNN network and remember,we're scoping this@#$% ish out for you!so until next Friday we say peace!!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

what goes around

hey it's friday!!!!
that's right folks,we're back online and back on point after being side tracked
by a nasty little bug (ah-chewww!!).being away for a few weeks made us realize how much we enjoy entertaining,and informing you guys and well,(sniff!,sniff!)we missed you mannnn!!!(and ladies too!!!)
now let's set it off around here DNN style shall we.

from Penn State,to the State pen.  

the good book says something like, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, jerry sandusky,
i hear that the soap there is mighty slippery,but of course you're familiar with group showering,so a...
have fun with that!

anyways,we're off to the next episode,so until next Friday,i say...PEACE!!!!

Friday, June 8, 2012


hey,folks!guess what!!?
it's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!
yep,soon it will be time to have that drink that's sitting in the frig for a job well done.lol.

every since the "political" same sex marriage debate became popular,comic book companies are racing to to put out gay characters just to try an cash in,i just think that--wait a minute we have some breaking news!hmmmmm.

well it seems that Mickey Mouse has just released a statement saying he's had a secret affair with Bugs Bunny throughout the 1940's,damn!that high voice of his should have gave us a clue.Bugs Bunny could not be reached for comment,but as always,you can count on DNN to bring you up to date coverage on this shocking revelation. 

so until next friday,we say,PEACE!  

Friday, June 1, 2012



hello there good people!
and welcome to friday!!!!!!!!!
that's right it's the first of the month  and i just got paid,so you know what means,should i pay my rent or blow it all on cheap women and alcohol,hmmmm,decisions,decisions.but seriously folks we here at DNN would like to hear from you,is that chi-a- pet on Donald Trump's head  affecting his brain,or is he just a playa hater?
call us on our hotline at 1-800-4DZNUTZ.
as always,
until next friday,i say PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012


 well hello there folks!
it's FRIDAY!!!yes,that's right,and we at DNN network would like to welcome you to our brand stink'in new site! feel free to take a look around,there's cookies, and drinks are in the refrig,so make yourself at home.we promise to have lots of  fun around here,while continuing to bring you our take on the world.now go tell a friend and follow us every week as we put this thing in drive once again.(vvvvvvvrroooomm!)
until next friday....PEACE!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


post on May 11, 2012
well folks it's that time again!!you know the one,i'm talking about,it's FRIDAY!!!!
that's right! it's time to give the week days the middle finger,cause it's smooth sailing from here on out,well atleast until monday.lol
there will be changes and major announcements coming soon to the DNN NETWORK  but not to worry we plan on bringing you the noise for awhile longer and we're determined not to allow this network to stank or tank like Oprah's.lol 
that's my word son!
so until next friday,dueces!


post on May 4, 2012
good news folks!if you are reading this then that means you've made it to another FRRRIIIIDAY!!!!
soon it will be time to let down your hair and kick up your heels for the weekend.
anyways the talk around the office is about chris(young breezy)brown taken some heat for
trying to sale his pit bull puppies on twitter.hmmmm, i don't know,would you really want to deal with something that vicious,that has a short temper and bites,,,,,and no we're not talking about the puppies.lol
well it's back to the news room, were our staff is working hard(or a least pretending to be),on up coming episodes,sooooooooooooo,until next friday,peace.

thug after life

post on April 27, 2012
yep it's friday!!!!!
and that means we are back in yo' face with another news cast.
well it's the last friday of this month,and people are still talking
about the tupac hologram performance at coachella a few weeks ago.
but not to be out done sources say that P.Diddy is secretly working on a
time machine in hopes of bringing Biggie Smalls fat ass back to the future for a BadBoy reunion,
yeah let's all pray that he goes bankrupt first.
anyways we're off to cover our next breaking story,what's that you ask!?
oh, no,no,nooo,you'll have to tune next week for that.as alway,PEACE!!!!

not so secret services

post on April 20, 2012
well it's another friday folks!!!!!!
yeah,we are running alittle late today,but hey,DNN is like good sex,it doesn't really matter when you get it,just as long as you're getting it right?!..am i right?!...
speaking of sex,we at DNN have done some indept research and founded out that yes, Colombia is in fact known for more then just their good coffee,so that would explain why Juan Vablez looks so relaxed all the time.
anyways we're off to do more...a... research,until next friday,PEACE!

this or that

post on April 13, 2012
hey folks!
betcha can't guess what today is?
that's right,it's friday!!!!!!!!!!!
but not just any other friday,it FRIDAY THE 13TH!oooOOH!!!
so if you see a black cat crossing the road,pick up a stick and chase it down the street,but
if it has on a hoodie and  is looking suspicious you might wanna call the authourities. 
but seriously folks,we at DNN would like to send a HAPPY BIRTHDAY out to our resident cartoonist  jaydubb,who says he's turning 25...again,but with little to no hairline we find that hard to believe.
so here's to you buddy,may your day be filled with lots of alcohol and lap dances.and for the rest of you guys,
see ya  next friday!

the bunny,jesus debate.

post on April 6, 2012
hey folks,it's friday!!!
that's right,and we at  DNN would like to high-five ourselves ,why?because we're just cool like that.duh!
 we would like to to say that,we take pride in being you news that you can trust.and welcome any and all comments.in closing, here's a little joke for the holiday.
what does Jesus,the Easter Bunny,and a Sports car have in common?......(wait for it.)
absolutely nothing!lol
until next friday PEACE!!!

spring savings

post on March 30, 2012
congratulation folks,you've made it to another friday!!!!!!!!!!
and in the words of Bob Marley,"the sun is shining,the weather is sweet,make me want to move my dancing feet".
alot of you are on spring break,or just coming back from it,enjoy it while you can cause in the real world there's no such thing,well unless you work at a school or something.
anyways DNN is still dedicated to bringing you the topnotch entertainment that money can buy.(nah,this comic is free,so if you don't like it,remember you get what you pay for.)
so until next friday.............PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


post on March 23, 2012
hey kids! guess what today is!!?
yep,that's right,it's FRIDAY!!!
and the folks at DNN would like to thank all of you who stop by every week to check us out.whether,you laugh,cry,or get a bad case of diarhea it is all  greatly appreciated.
so until next friday,PEACE!!!!


post on March 16, 2012
that right folks,and we at DNN are still at it.
looks like some people are starting to celebrate a little early around here.poor huggs.
saturday is ST.PATRICKS'S DAY so at least you guys can finish the week without slapping the
shamrock out of coworkers for asking you why you didn't wear green today,but tomorrow
keep your pimp hand strong.lol
until next friday

who's bullying who?

post on March 9, 2012
Happy Friday folks!!!
we at DNN would like to take this time to talk about the very serious issue of bullying,or not,but isn't it the ones who got picked on who decide to take out half the year book staff and the glee club?hmmmmm.
anyways,we're off to enjoy the weekend and so should you, sooo...
until next friday,peace!

next top role model

post on March 1, 2012
hey folks,it's friday!!
yep the weekend is upon us,spring is right around the corner and DNN is still on the air,so as they say in the streets,"that's what up."
after watching her god awful performance at the grammys,we at DNN was wondering,
if music is food for the soul then what kind of food would Nicki Minaj and YoungMoney artist be?hmmmmm.
let us know by calling our hot line at 1-800-4DZ-NUTS
see you next friday!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a news brief

post on Feb. 24, 2012
it's the last friday of the month,and oh,what a month it has been.
BlackHistory started off with a BANG!!!
literally, when Don Cornelius decide to checkout of this joint,then as if that wasn't enough,
Whitney Houston  was found belly up in a hotel suite,DAMN,DAMN,DAMN,DAAAMN!!!crack truely is whack!
the Superbowl sucked,the weather around here sucked,and oh yeah,we missed our first
deadline last week,(shit happens.)but not to fret,
we've dust ourselves off and ready to ride that bitch again!
so until next friday,DEUCE!!!

part- time lover

post on Feb. 10, 2012
well it's another friday,and we here at DNN are  working extra hard to bring you all the news and entertainment  that we can,well maybe not that hard,we don't get paid for this ish.i'm just saying.lol
see ya next

say what!?

post on Feb. 4, 2012
it's Black History month,it'friday,and it's time for the good folks here at DNN to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done.that's right, not only do we continue to meet our deadline,but we're black owned as well.
see next friday!

out on location

posted on Jan. 27, 2012
we've notice this strange phenomenon of kids in this warmer then usual winter outside trying to snowboard,ski,and even making snow angles on the ground with no snow!
experts say this is a mental condition called "winternutjobs"and if not treated could become very entertaining to watch by on lookers
if you witness kids having snow ball fights with clogs of dirt,please contact the help center immediately.

see ya nexy friday!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Year end reviews..

the drought is over

post on Jan. 20, 2012
...don't you just love them?we thought so.
well folks,the staff here at DNN are working hard and are super excited about future episodes,so stay tooned!and remember we're scoping this@#$% ish! out for you!
see ya next friday!


post on Dec. 27, 2011
hey folks,we here at DNN want to hear from you,
is praying to god before a game considered cheating?
type in your comments below or call us on our hot-line
at 1-800-4DZ-NUTZ.
see ya next friday!

bundle of joy!

post on Dec. 27, 2011
well here we are folks,the first friday of the NewYear and the buzz on the streets is about the birth of jay-z and beyonce's baby.since it's a girl let's hope it looks more like beyonce then jay,im just sayin.lol
see ya next friday!