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Thursday, April 25, 2013



hey folks it's friday!!!!!

that's right the weekend is here,i can almost taste it,time to kick back relax,watch the game and maybe take in a movie or two.speaking of movies,we would like to send condolences out to the people across the united states and abroad, who had to sit and watch the latest Tylor  Perry movie(or any Taylor Perry movie for that matter.)"Temptation" that's been showing in theaters a  few months now.witnesses to this horrific scene said that things started to go down hill about twenty minutes into the film,you would think that the bad writing and the hideous acting would be enough to make a man's  blood run cold,but oh no,the sheer threat of  Madea  making an appearance,set off one of the worst attacks in cinema  history.
so to all of the victims just know that your pain is our pain and that we'll get through this together,because if he thinks that by making these god awful movies that we will continues to pay to watch  this crap up on the big screen,he doesn't know the resilience of the  American people(  next time,get the bootleg.). 

well that does it for now,we will see you on the other side for more breaking News & Entertainment,so from all of use here at DNN we say

Friday, April 12, 2013

Guns & Gays

hey folks it's friday!!!

yeah,yeah,we're running a little late,but reporting the news is hard work people.lol
well,its' April,and spring has sprung(for most of the  country)and DNN is still king of the castle,so bow down and kiss the ring suckas!
anyways,now that gay people everywhere are coming out and demanding equality,companies are trying to capitalize by making and selling products geared Strictly for them.sure they always had their on clothing stores(Abecromie & Fitch)but having their own gun?!now this is ground breaking folks!
we will have more as this story develops.

so there you have it, now go out an enjoy the weekend and we'll  see ya on the other side,so from all of use here at DNN we sayyyyyyyy,