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please stand by hey folks!we're back! that's right, friday DNN is back with vengeance,so run out and tell everybody,cause thing...

Friday, December 11, 2015

shop til you drop

hey folks,welcome to a special Friday edition of Da'News!!
what's so special about this friday you ask.... cause it's payday duh!!!!!

anyway, we are super excited to be back on the air once again,how excited you might ask,well,we are more excited then a fat black gay guy in a room full of Patti LaBelle pies,now that's a lot of excitement,and sugar for that matter.lol glad to have all of you back on board the DNN train(choo!choo!)so let's get things rolling shall we!

as you all know, we are knee deep into the holiday season,that means crazy schedules,big crowds,and crazed shoppers are the norm right about now but for some,a few months ago there were talks of a  boycott (justice or else)to bring about change to this country,although the idea was good,we think that white Jesus and black Santa will make the people forget all about their problems.(at least until January first.)so shop til you drop!

well that's it for now,we'll see you on the other side,so from all of us here at DNN,we say peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!