Friday, April 24, 2015

hey folks,it's friday!!!!
the weekend is around the corner,so when it gets here, enjoy it want you!!!?

annnnnnd, now for an update:
we here at DNN would like to say that we are at 80% ready to make our grand legendary return back into the news arena,we thank you for your patience,and support during this time,we promise that this run  will be monumental,historical,one might even say biblical.....alright that might be taking it a little to far,but you get the point.(it's going dowwwwn dawg!!)
so keep your ear to the ground cause we're coming........soon!!!!!!!!(choo- choo mutha#$%choo-choo!)


Saturday, March 7, 2015

hey folks,just dropped in to say that i miss you,and all of us here at DNN can't wait to get back to Da'News,so please be easy,we promise it will be worth the wait,so until then it's time to thaw out a bit people. enjoy the weekend!!!!!!

Friday, January 30, 2015

oh,you thought that we was done!???
you silly billy you,DNN will be back soon,we are in the process of tracking down and rescuing our resident artist jay-deezy who went M.I.A.a few weeks ago,so check back often for updates until the big return of  the dopest news channel in news history!!!!  
so until then we say peace!!!!!!!