Saturday, July 12, 2014


hoop dreams

hey folks,guess what today is?!!!
uh yeah,it's Saturday!!!!!

that's right we are smack dap in the middle of the weekend,and i hope you guys are have yourselves a good one.speaking of people who are having a good weekend,it seems that Ohio sports fans are having mutable orgasms at the rate of one every few seconds as they
realize that himself," king", lebron james will be bringing his talents back to Cleveland next year.
news spread throughout the world as if it was the second coming of the son of man,and both Cleveland and Miami fans were seen crying in the streets and on social media ,aka Facebook(for different reasons of course.)with all of the hoopla over a guy who throws a ball through a hoop,one could almost forget about the NBA's nasty little situation  with owner Donald"no niggs" sterling  this past season.(i said almost.)at last check he still owns the Clippers and is probably on a yaht somewhere off the coast of France right now with his "bestie",Mark"we are all bigots" Cuban,sipping on champagne served to them by a shirtless Steven "ya'll niggs aint $#!h",A Smith, talking about this up coming season--(i digress.)

soooo,uh, with that it's off to the next big story,so from all of us here at DNN, we say peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Friday, July 4, 2014


the first independence day

hey folks,guess what today is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(damn it feels good saying those words again)
it's friday/4th of july/weekend!!!!!!
that's right folks we are back on the air,yeah,we know,it's been along time coming,and we're sorry for the delays,but now we're back baby,and it's time to "turn up" as the young kid
so what better way to start things off with a bang, then on a 4th of july, plus the weekend huh?!!
today was filled with hot dogs apple pies and drunken Americans as we celebrate our  wonderful freedom,so as we gaze,and marvel at the fireworks that light up the evening sky ,let's take a few moments to remember those people, who on that faithful day back in 1776,still in chains,and who probably said to themselves,damn all of this independence talk,when y'all crackas gone let us go!! (i'm just saying...)

well,that's all for now,we'll see you on the otherside,so from all of us here at DNN,we say

Friday, May 9, 2014

a storm is coming!!!!!!!

oh,you thought we were done?!!
hey folks,just dropped in to let ya'll know about  the exciting news, what's that you ask?well DA'NEWS will be back to it's good ole ground breaking coverage soon!!!we're reloaded and ready to roll,just a few more tweaks here and there.we would also like to invite you all  to our brand new facebook page!that's right,so if you can't get enough of DA'NEWS here,you will  soon be able to go over and see what Chuck,Tina,Bary,and the rest of the crew are up to.

well that's all for now,stay tone and get ready because......
a storm is coming!!!!HA!HA!HA!'S FACEBOOK