Friday, January 30, 2015

oh,you thought that we was done!???
you silly billy you,DNN will be back soon,we are in the process of tracking down and rescuing our resident artist jay-deezy who went M.I.A.a few weeks ago,so check back often for updates until the big return of  the dopest news channel in news history!!!!  
so until then we say peace!!!!!!!  

Friday, November 28, 2014


have a coke and a smile

hey folks,guess what today is!?
yep,it's friday!!!!yeeeahhhh,booooyeee!!!!!!

that's right but not just any friday,it's Black Friday!

a day were people come out of the woodwork straight to the stores to buy things that they don't need,but the deals are just too darn good to pass up,soooo...
speaking of coming out of the woodwork,several women have come forward to accuse Mr. Bill"night,night",Cosby of taking their jello gelatin with out their permission over 30 years ago.

we at DNN wanted to get to the bottom of this story so we contact Mr.Cosby and he granted us an exclusive interveiw,but later he changed his mind and ask us not to air the footage,we assured him that we are a news company with the highest of integrity,and that we wouldn't dare air any of that footage without his consent,so....... ah, yeah, that exclusive interview with bill cosby will be airing soon,only on DNN!!!!!(don't you miss it!)

well that's all for now,like always, we'll see you folks on the other side,so from all of us here at DNN we sayyyyy peace!!!! 

Friday, October 31, 2014

hey folks,guess what today is!?
it's friday!!!!!!
welcome to the last day of October,Whoooooo! 

that's right,so be on the look out for spooks, goblins,and all the other things that go bump in the night,as you go out and about.speaking of looking out,we would like to welcome our newest member to the DNN family,his name is Ricky "the raccoon", Jenkins and he is the worldwide authority when it comes to all things coon.

as you may have notice,coons are becoming more and more prevalent on social media and televison these days,once was thought to be a nocturnal creator,they are now coming to the forefront in society.coons are very fascinating,but little is known about their life away from the spot light,so we at DNN have a new series called "Cooning with Ricky", join Ricky as he goes hunting for the biggest,brightest,buck dancing"iest" coons in North America,see what coons are up to,and what drives them to be.....well, Ricky always say,"who's better to track down coons,then a coon!"so set back relax and please enjoy,as it promises to be a wild and exciting ride!!!

well,that's it for now,like always we'll see you folks on the other side,so from all of us here at DNN we sayyyyyyyy,