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please stand by hey folks!we're back! that's right, friday DNN is back with vengeance,so run out and tell everybody,cause thing...

Friday, August 30, 2013

back to school

well,hello there folks!
it's Friday as if you didn't know so ummmm yay!
glad you could make it,cause this weekend just got a little more awesome by one extra day in fact,that's right it's the labor day weekend!

the holiday that marks the end of Summer fun and the beginning of Fall delights.(wait,what?)

it also marks the new school year which is always an exciting,adrenalin rushing,heart pounding,adventure,not only for the s.w.a.t. team but for the  kids as well.(i joke)

but seriously folks,we at DNN truly hope that this will be a safe, fun  and productive school year across the nation and world.(cause we love the kiddies)
anyways, for all of those who are lucky to be off on Monday(everyone but me!), fire up the grill ,and have a cold one,and we'll see you  next week.

so from all of us here at the station we say peace!!! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

got jokes?

hey folks,it's Friday!!!!!!!
and you know what?i never met a Friday that i didn't like.lol
the weekend is less then 14 hours away,so let the count down begin!!YAHOOOO!

anyways something wonderful happen a week ago that  DNN would like to applaud.
no,no,not the revealing of  the so called"Harriet Tubmen sex tape that "hussell"simmons tried to poison the people with under the guise of entertainment,but by the reaction that most people had after witnessing this 
train wreck.yes it seems like the public's taste is starting to change from the consumption of dumb down late 90's comedy Def Jam era,that simmons is trying to bring back.you the people spoke out at this nonsense
so much,that the little worm decided to take it down.could this truly mark the end of cooning season!?
i doubt it,(not  while Tyler Perry is still out there),but one can only hope. 

anyways that's about it for now,as always we'll see ya on the other side. so from all of us here at DNN ,we say peace!!!!!!!!



Friday, August 9, 2013

Juicy Juiced up

hey strangers!
guess what today is!?
it's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

yep,we are back in the land of the living and now staring directly at the weekend,and boy,does it feel good!
where have we been for two weeks,is the question that's on the minds of our faithful viewers.well folks,we have been attending to life's distractions,(day job B.S.) alone the way we also did some soul searching,and do you know what we come to conclude?that's right!the world needs DNN  more the ever.

the world needs DNN like a fat kid needs that last slice of cake,like a fish needs water,and like a baseball player needs that "juice".and if that's the case,who are we to deny  the people of  great new and entertainment to ever hit the web.

so if we miss a post or two, don't worry,just know that the cape is still on(superman style),and like tax season we will be back before ya know it.lol   

now,it's time to get back to work.

so from all of use here at DNN we say Peace!!!!