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Saturday, December 21, 2013

no moe,ho!ho!ho!

Hey folks, it's uh, Saturday!
and you all know what that means right?

it's the DNN's special Christmas edition!!!!

so get a cup of hot chocolate and cozy up by the fire place, because things are about to get  merrier than a mug, up in this piece.lol

As the count down to Christmas gets closer and closer,we here at DNN would like to propose an agreement to all of  those  right- winged Christians(i.e.FoxNews veiwers) who would like to take back their holidays,and have a  "white" Christmas, by arguing over a fictional character's skin color,smh, ok we will give you Santa Claus,  Rudolf, the Christmas tree and all the jingle bells that you can can handle, but according to geologist and  biblical scriptures, Jesus Christ was probably blacker  then Obama, so you might want to give him back to us, deal!?

Anyways that's it for now. We'll see you on the other side, so from all of us here at DNN, 

we say peace! !!!

Friday, December 6, 2013

fade to black

hey folks it's Friday!!!!!
 yep,you no longer have to daydream about the weekend because it's merely hours away,and even though the weather outside is frightful,nothing can stop us from having a good one.

anyways,It's the first Friday of December and things are already starting to look like Christmas around here, sleet and snow everywhere, and I even caught a fat white man wearing a red jump suit trying to break into my place the other night.lol
But seriously folks, we here at DNN would like to take a moment to talk about this so called phenomenon known as "the knockout game", and how you can avoid getting knock the f%$#k out

if you're driving down the highway and you cut off  another driver, please do not pull over to try an explain to this person why you're such an A-hole, you might become the latest victim of the k.o.game.

if you are  drinking at a bar, please do not tell your bubby  just how hot you  think his slutty girlfriend is, you might become the latest victim of the k.o.game

if you know a sensible  black guy  with good taste, please don't tell him just how great you think the Tyler Perry movies are, you might become a victim of the knockout game, and finally if  you don't  think that DNN is the greatest network of all time, you might become the  victim of the k.o.game.

So there you you have it, and with that, we will see  you good people on the other side, so from all of  us here at DNN, we say peace! !!!
besides a slight  headache and some  memory lost,  intern Biff Whiteman is recovering and resting comfortable at home.