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Thursday, July 12, 2012

the hard question

welcome to FRIDAY folks!!!
yeah,it's the 13th,but we're not letting superstition ruin our day,no sir!!!
we've made our deadline,we've got a li'l change in our pockets,i say things are coming up roses around here.recently DNN's Tina Marie Butterfield  got a chance to interview tiger woods,so tina,what was it like?

well, alot of people forget that tiger went to therapy a few years back for sex addiction. tiger says that he  just  takes it one day at a time when it comes to his addiction,but when ever he gets in a tough situation,"i try to imagine Chaz Bono,and Rosie O'Donald oiled up,naked,and waiting for me on the golf course,that's helped me out alot".-tiger woods.

talking with tiger was great, i barely even notice the eye twitching ,the drooling ,and the profusely sweating,besides,it must of gotten alittle warm in there.

thanks tina!
so there you have it folks,another great episode for the books.what was that!?you want more?!
HA! HA! HA!silly rabbit,you know the routine,so say it with me now...
until next  Friday, i say...PEACE!!!

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  1. You know, that would be a tough situation for ANYONE! LOL Good one.