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Friday, April 12, 2013

Guns & Gays

hey folks it's friday!!!

yeah,yeah,we're running a little late,but reporting the news is hard work people.lol
well,its' April,and spring has sprung(for most of the  country)and DNN is still king of the castle,so bow down and kiss the ring suckas!
anyways,now that gay people everywhere are coming out and demanding equality,companies are trying to capitalize by making and selling products geared Strictly for them.sure they always had their on clothing stores(Abecromie & Fitch)but having their own gun?!now this is ground breaking folks!
we will have more as this story develops.

so there you have it, now go out an enjoy the weekend and we'll  see ya on the other side,so from all of use here at DNN we sayyyyyyyy,

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