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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Justice for Just-us

well hello there folks,do you know what today is!?
it's,it's ...yeah it's Saturday morning,so uh,yay for Saturday mornings!

that's right we are well into the weekend, well into the month of July and well into the "dog days" of summer.
speaking of summer,a lot of  folks are  taking vacations across the country and abroad ,but there's one place on the map that's not looking to pleasing right about now,it's the place where palm trees,retirees,and fake cop wannabes are the norm.
a place that tries to trip up it's voters or (miscounting votes) use other shady under handed tactics every election year. a place where you can murder a kid,give yourself a bloody nose and two superficial scratches on the back of your head and call it self-defense.(psss! it's called the stand your ground law not pussies with a gun can shoot law) yes it's that "sunshine" state better known as Florida.yep this is the place where black folks can be picked for  racial profiling all day,but can't get picked for shit,when it comes to jury selections.

anyways visit at your on rests,i know the people of Sanford are  resting easy tonight,knowing that good ole poor defenseless martial art trained(beady eyed) georgy is keeping vigilance. lol

until next time we here at DNN say
f@#!ck G.Z. and his supporters.

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