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Saturday, October 19, 2013

the R-word

hey there folks!
long time no post huh?!
well  we've taken a little hiatus in order to get some business done,but not to worry we are working hard to get back on a some what regular schedule real soon!one of those businesses that's being getting our attention is the now 90%completion of "DA'NEWS season one", which is a collection of all our classic episodes(80+pages)from 2012-2013 bond together in one awesome book,so stay tune for more details and the release date!!!

now,back to the business at hand...Washington redskins owner Wallace Snyder continues to keep the racist tradition going , by not giving a damn about the people that his franchise disrespects every season,after trying to justify  keeping the team name by claiming it is showing honor to Native-Americans,and saying well they refer to themselves as redskins(sounds familiar?),he brought out the big guns and said that his father-in-law who's a native,says that he's not offended by the name,after that something wonderful happen,his father-in- law came out and made a statement saying he was misquoted by his greedy,bigot ass son-in-law.(guess who want be coming home for thanksgiving dinner this year.)smh

now we would like to hear from you.

should the NFL step in and tell Washington to change the name or head to the Canadian foot league?   
should Snyder hire Paula Deen for race sensitivity classes?
should RG3 be looking for another jobs just yet?

anyways that's all for now,so from all of us here at DNN we say,

we're BACK!!!!!!!

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