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Friday, November 22, 2013

the first thanks for nothing

hey folks,guess what today is!??
that's right it's Friday!!!but not just any friday,oh no,no,no,it's  DNN's special holiday edition!
yep,with thanksgiving less than a week away, we felt it was time to get into the o' holiday spirit.

well, since this holiday is suppose to be about giving thanks, we decided to ask the members of our news crew just what they are thankful for.

Chuck Johnson  head anchor of DA'NEWS said,"i'm thankful for my barber who always keep my hair line nice and sharp every week,and i'm also thankful for Fox ,and the other news outlets out there,because if it wasn't for them you wouldn't know just how great of an ass kick'in they receive from us on a daily bases. 

Tina Butterfield co anchor of DA'NEWS  said,"i'm thankful for blue mascara, Pumpki spice latte,black athletes,and oh,what he (Chuck Johnson)said.

Bary Huggs weatherman of DA'NEWS said,"i'm thankful for warm weather,cigars,and the end of this cheesy ass interview,oh and what he(Chuck Johnson) said.

and with that DNN is also thankful for you,the viewers,who makes doing this even more awesome!

well that's it for now,we'll see you folks on the other side,so from all of us here at DNN we say



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