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Friday, June 8, 2012


hey,folks!guess what!!?
it's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!
yep,soon it will be time to have that drink that's sitting in the frig for a job well done.lol.

every since the "political" same sex marriage debate became popular,comic book companies are racing to to put out gay characters just to try an cash in,i just think that--wait a minute we have some breaking news!hmmmmm.

well it seems that Mickey Mouse has just released a statement saying he's had a secret affair with Bugs Bunny throughout the 1940's,damn!that high voice of his should have gave us a clue.Bugs Bunny could not be reached for comment,but as always,you can count on DNN to bring you up to date coverage on this shocking revelation. 

so until next friday,we say,PEACE!  

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