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Friday, October 19, 2012

the cover up.

well, what do you know folks!?
it's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!
the weekend is so close that i can smell it,oh wait that's just me(haven't  showered yet.)oops,my bad.

with the great Fall Weather that we are having, alot of people are getting out and taking their dogs to the park

speaking of dogs it seems that mike vick was caught slipp'n when  he tweeted a pic that showed his daughter at  the table and noisy people examining the background noticed a box of doggy treats. hmmmmmmm,something don't add up,either there's a k9 around or his family have some strange eating habits,either way it's probably best to keep it on the low. since being removed from the registered pet afinders list a few months ago peda has be watching him like a hawk...or an eagle,get!HA!!

anyways, that's it's for now,you crazy kids go out and enjoy the day....
until next friday we here at DNN say peace!!!

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