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Saturday, October 27, 2012

trick or votes

well,hello there folks!
guess what today is!?it's FRIDA....er Saturday!!
yep, it's a special Saturday Halloween edition of DA'NEWS!

well it's that time of the year for spooky creatures, zombies,and ghosts...that's right the presidential election is close at hand ,oh yeah and Hallween is this week also.according to a recent poll, experts say this will be a really,really,tight race as some people are even voting on their death beds,(now that's dedication for yo' ass!)

 so make sure that you get your moma,your dog,and the neighbor who's about to kick the bucket any day now,and get out there and vote!as for me i'm moving to Canada.HA!HA!HA!(nah just kidding Canada sucks.)

that's it for now,until next friday....or saturday....or...or...uhhhhh......
we say peace!!!!!!!!!

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