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Friday, February 8, 2013

twinkle toes

hey folks,it's Friday!!!!!!!!yaaaayyyy!!!!

so give your boss the middle finger,and say hello to the temporary freedom also known as the weekend!!!

well last Sunday sports fans tuned in to watch the Superbowl.(and Beyonce!ummmm!!!)and oh what a game it was,the Raven jumped out to a big  lead and held on for dear life as the 49ers woke up and came back with vengeance and damn nearly pull it off!but it was a little to late.

why i'm i telling you this for,you saw the game,anyways we at DNN would like to congratulate the Baltimore Ravens, but especially Ray Lewis for winning the super bowl and going out on top,(somewhere in new England a patriot's wife is pissed.),lord knows the last one he was in,well let's just say things didn't exactly go as plan.( hot wings,strippers and alcohol could ruin your night).so here's to you Ray,we're glad to have seen you dancing on the field rather then twerking  behind bars.

and with that,it's off to the next episode,(see ya there next friday.)so from all of us here at the station,we say

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