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Friday, February 22, 2013


weezy goes home.

hey folks it's Friday evening!!!!
that's right,we are a little late(computer problems),but who cares, it's the weekend baby!
it's the last Friday of the month and oh what a month it has been around here,Black History,Valentines day, Superbowl,meteors,just to name a few,i think i'm a bit worn out from it all,but not to worry our news team is working hard as we speak to keep you up to speed on the latest.

speaking of the latest,li l Wayne has
officially been banned from all NBA events after getting kicked out of a Miami Heats game for making gun jesters at fans.we at DNN are still wondering what's the problem?it's Miami after all,  guns,cocaine,and drive-byes are just as famous to the area as the warm weather and the beach.lol.anyways, when asked what he thought about his ban, Wayne had this to say"uh,i slept with Chris Bosh's wife!"
so there you have it folks from the man himself.

and with that we are off to the next episode,see ya on the other side.
from all of us here at DNN,we say peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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