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Friday, March 29, 2013

confusions and illusions

hey folks it's the last friday of the month,and it's called good friday,but isn't every friday a "good friday?"
well give yourself a great big ole pat on the back cause you made it,and it's nothing but clear skies and apple pies from here on out.lol(at least until Monday.)we've like to think the history channel for giving us an exclusive look at their spin-off series of the bible,they promise more falsehoods and said  that Jesus will still be white but satan?,"oh, he'll remain black, like Obama, "and we also can expect santa and the easter bunny to make cameos
throughout the movie.(why not?if we are playing make believe we've might as well go all the way,right?)

anyways enjoy the weekend folks and we will see ya on the other side,as always,from all of us here at DNN
we say peace!!!!

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