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Sunday, January 12, 2014

historic nonsense

well hello there folks,it's,it's the weekend!!!
at least what's left of it.
yep,with less then 8 hours to go until  dreaded Monday,we are determined  to make the best of every last minute.
 anyways,it's a new year and we here at DNN would like to welcome you all back for what's promises to be the best year ever! by now you all should know what we do around here, after going strong for three years, and with  the greatest stories and commentaries that you have ever read in you life,i think it's safe to say that we've earned the spot as the greatest news team in history. 

speaking of history Dennis Rodman was quoted as saying that his latest trip to North Korea was"historic",let's see now,a washed up NBA star with a band of washed up second rate players putting on a exhibition to promote world peace,i think the Harlem globetrotters would've been taken more seriously.

i'm sure you guys are with us when we say that we've seen enough of the "worm"(D.R.'s old nickname )for one decade,so"RIIIIING!!!" hey Dennis, the 90's just called, and they want their favorite cross-dressing sambo back.lol

well there you have it folks,the first post of  2014,like always,we'll see you on the other side.
so from all of us here at DNN we say peace!!!!     


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