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Friday, January 31, 2014

the bieber lotto

Hey folks its Friday! !!!!

That right , the weekend is quickly approaching, and we are waiting to embrace all of its wonderful glory  with opened arms.

Speaking of embracing with open arms, inmates around the country are  waiting with bated breathe  for their chance to make pop star teen sensation justin Bieber, their "bitch", behind  the state walls. Yes the bieber lotto has reached  fever pitch as the  singer continues to find himself  in trouble with the law again and again.
Bieber who's mug shot shows him smiling and looking more like Miley Cyrus, no doubt will become a member of the  prison twerk team  and will get passed around like a pack of cheap cigarettes immediately after entering lock down.
The pop star has always wanted "street cred",through out his career,  and what could be more gangsta then fighting off a group horny inmates in the shower, huh? (Be careful what you wish for, you thuggish vanilla latte gangsta you.)we'll report more as this story unfolds.

 Anyways, that's all for now, we'll see you folks on the other side, so from all of us here at DNN, we say peace! 

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