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Saturday, January 9, 2016

the force bafoonery

hey guess what today is!? that's right it's the weekend!!!!!yayyy!!!!

well folks, welcome to the new year and all the joy and pain that awaits us all.

speaking of joy and pain,black nerds have been waiting for over a year for the latest installment of the star wars series especially when early trailers revealed a black character
 as possibly being the lead in the movie.with the phantom menace racist character debacle far behind them(see jar jar binks),black nerds came in droves to see Disney's take on their favorite sci fi series.well two hours later the reaction from most black nerds was,"I LOVE IT!","even though finn,(the main black character) was giving the name by another guy, like a pet negro,that's just creative writing,and bumbling,fumbling while getting shot down by the girl throughout the movie is cool to because he's still developing as a character for the next movie."--black nerds

so to all the black nerds out there,keeping hope alive,we salute you.(or not)

well that's it for now,we'll see you on the other side,so from all of us here at DNN,we peace!!!

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